Message from the President - June 1, 2023

Dear Federation of Hellenic Medical Societies (HMS) Colleague and Friend:

The Executive Board of the Federation congratulates and welcomes suggestions from all participating Hellenic Medical Societies of the United States and Canada. 

We are proud to have productive, collaborative, and highly professional member societies which support our educational Hellenic programs. 

As Chair of the Annual Hippocratic Oath conference at Lenox Hill Hospital in March and the Annual Dr. Papanicolaou Symposium at Cornell in May sponsored by the Hellenic Medical Society of New York, I enjoyed the great enthusiasm and participation both in person and virtually.  I congratulate the new Executive Board of HMS New York under the leadership of Dr. Anthony Gasparis for their educational and social programs. 

The Hellenic Medical Society of Philadelphia under Dr. Denis Hadjiliadis' leadership is organizing remarkable participatory events. 

The Hellenic Health Professionals Society of Detroit under Dr. Christina Lucas' leadership has received non-profit status and has organized exceptional virtual conferences on Wellness and Stroke. 

The Hellenic Medical Society of Quebec under Dr. Mariette Vavravikos' new leadership is hosting in person conferences and giving out scholarships to outstanding students of Hellenic heritage. 

The Hellenic Medical and Dental Society of New England is reorganizing with Dr. Stefanos Kales' support. 

The Hellenic Bioscientist Association (HBA) under Dr. Alexandra Touroutoglou's leadership is expanding in the United States and collaborating in programs supporting national/international conferences and student exchanges. 

The Hellenic Medical and Dental Society of Southern California is communicating with the Federation and spearheading a membership campaign in the West. 

The Hellenic Medical Society of Toronto, Canada has become a member. 

Hellenic Medical Societies are organizing in Northern California, Houston/Texas, Chicago and Florida. 

Our secretary Dr. Elias Iliadis, Immediate Past-President of the Hellenic Federation of New Jersey has been instrumental in our success and is receiving the Hippocratic Award at the Hermes Expo 2023.

The Federation is working with the Hellenic Medical Diaspora to organize another successful Annual Hellenic Medical Society (HMS) International Conference with the Medical School of Thessaloniki, Greece on October 6-8, 2023.

Dr. Stella Lymberis of New York, Dr. Lila Amirali of Montreal, Dr. Alexandra Touroutoglou of Boston, Dr. Denis Hadjiliadis of Philadelphia, Dr. Spyros Mezitis of New York have been elected to chair specific sessions. 

Under the auspices of the Hellenic Cultural Center of the Southwest and its President Yannis Remediakis, a Committee for Birthright Hellas has been established in collaboration with our Federation that is working with the Greek Government to bring youth of Hellenic descent for two weeks to Greece. 

In recent days, the Federation is communicating with the Hellenic Institute of Kos and its President Professor Dr. Nikolas Papantoniou to establish collaborative programs and virtual conferences.on Hippocratic Medicine, Hippocratic Oath, and exceptional medical student awards.  Current President Dr. Anthony Gasparis and  Past-President Dr. Marinos Petratos of HMS New York are supporting this effort. 

Finally, our Federation HMS is spearheading an agenda for all Hellenic Federations to work together with the new Greek government and promulgate Hellenism globally. 

We are all working enthusiastically to see our Hellenic societies and doctors succeed in their professional careers.  Our programs support Hellenic medical students, healthcare professionals, patients, and the Greek medical system.


Spyros Mezitis, MD, PhD
E-mail: president @